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Villa Serena holiday farm.

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The Villa is an elegant 18th-century-style house set in the heart of the verdant Treviso plain, in the dynamic town of Montebelluna – the footwear capital of the world.

Our family has been involved in the rewarding business of hospitality for three generations, and for many years we’ve been dedicated to providing a perfect spot for our guests to relax, work or enjoy a cultural experience in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

The Villa

Set deep in the lush greenery of the Treviso hills

The gently undulating hills of the Montello Gold Coast in the province of Treviso are the natural setting for Villa Serena.


Simple and traditional

Our simple, elegant rooms in the traditional venetian style are decorated in warm tones of yellow, pink and to blue. The rooms are all named after different flowers, and each one ensures our guests enjoy a comfortable, relaxing stay.


The charm of traditional styling

Well-designed yet unassuming, our Italian gardens contain an abundance of flowers and perfumes and include arches, time-worn stonework, vases, fountains and 18th century statues to add to the charm, leading to the discovery of an alternative natural landscape of orderly, well-kept vineyards. Mamma Enrica is the one who tends the idyllic scenery that welcomes our guests on arrival, assisted by her daughter Serena.


Services designed for relaxation

  • free wifi
  • buffet breakfast
  • extensive Italian gardens
  • 20x10m swimming pool
  • outdoor parking
  • vineyards of Prosecco
  • Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes
  • event and wedding spaces
  • lounge area

At Villa Serena you’ll find not just tastefully-decorated rooms but all the services you need for an enjoyable stay.

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Photographic tour of the villa